Our mission:

To bridge the gap between admitted and prospective students while building innovative software to consistently solve education related problems

At Ivystudentsprofile, we are building effective and advanced networking tools to empower the prospective university students to connect with university graduates.

Lets say, you are applying to Harvard for higher education and you've spent nerve-wracking amount of time composing polished essays while meticulously showcasing your achievements. Even after crafting a nearly perfect essay, you still wish if there was someone available to review your essay and figure out the loopholes. What do you do? You go ahead ransacking for English professors or you approach educational consultancies that would charge sky-high price to review your essays and application.

Now imagine, how good it would have been if you had someone from Harvard at your disposal who's willing to review your essay and overall profile at throwaway price without having to run places? Yes, that's exactly the problem we are trying to solve. Our goal in the coming years is to:

  • Reduce dependency on overseas educational consultancies
  • Enable the prospective students to directly connect with university graduates
  • Seek help and advice directly from college alumni
  • Allow future students to peek into profiles of admitted students

Our Team

Vandana Arora

Vandana Arora — Founder

Ivystudentsprofile was started in 2015 by Vandana Arora with a vision to connect the admitted and prospective university students and to sort out the problems faced by prospective students with regards to their college admission process.

Vandana has a bachelors in electrical engineering and over three years of work experience in the software industry. She is a programmer, web developer, former systems engineer and an internet entrepreneur. In the past, she has served as a vocational trainee at NTPC and has worked for Infosys and Fixoncloud LLC.