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Please read the following guidelines carefully before you submit your application to become an essay reviewer on Ivystudentsprofile:

  • You must be currently enrolled at a university or at least have Bachelor's degree from an elite institution.
  • Ensure that your public profile on Ivystudentsprofile is complete.

How the process works?

Three Easy Steps

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What happens after you submit the application?

  • After you submit your application on Ivystudentsprofile, we will review your application based on the information you provide in the submission form and your public profile. On an average, it will take us four business days to review your application.
  • Once approved, you will be listed as a reviewer on our website. Prospective students can then search for you and send you requests to review their college application essays.

How much can you earn?

  • The pricing begins at 10$ per essay. We follow "Name-Your-Own-Price" model where reviewers quote a certain price and then they wait until a potential student sends them a request.
  • All successful transactions will result in 25% processing fee. We currently process payments via PayPal only.

Submit Your Application

Fill the following application form if you are interested in becoming an essay reviewer on Ivystudentsprofile. Before submitting your application, please ensure that your profile is complete.

How much time would you need to review an essay?

Quote your price

Mention briefly about your reviewing techniques. Include all the details that you think might be useful for the students.


A completely filled profile establishes your credibility in the market. It allows prospective students to learn about your academic background before they send you request to review their essays.

We expect you to respond with revised essay within the time period you specified in your application form. However, if you are not able able to respond within specified time frame, you'll be penalized. You'll be paid 10% less than the expected earning for every extra day. But if you fail to respond within four days for a particular applicant, the essay review form provided for the particular applicant will be cancelled.

No, one time feedback can never be considered enough. We are providing a platform to students to help them carve perfect essays. Therefore, after receiving the revised essay from reviewer, student must work on the points as mentioned in reviewer's feedback and respond to reviewer for second revision and further clarification. This process will continue unless the student marks the process as "completed".

We generally wait for three days after receiving reviewer's response. If the student does not respond within three days nor marks the process as 'completed', we will mark the process as 'completed' and the required amount will be credited to reviewer's account.

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